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Andrew Senger
2 January
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My Interests
Name: Andrew
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO (North St. Louis)
Marital Status: Married
Job: Surveillance Operator at a casino in the St. Louis area
Religion: Christian - no particular denomination
  • Poker
  • Reading
  • Computers
The Obligatory Blurb

Friends: I welcome anyone as a friend, just leave a little comment that you have done so. I may friend you back, but understand that I reserve the right to remove you as a friend on my list when I want. This right comes with me ignoring any drama you may bring up along with it. Remove me as a friend and I won't care.

Comments: Commenting to my posts are loved, but please check the grammar and spelling. I don't mind a misspelled word here and there, but I don't want any "OMG!!!! LOL!!!1" in my journal. I will read your journal through my friends list and will comment where I feel appropriate. Don't think that because I don't comment means I'm not reading.

Profession: I work in Surveillance at a casino. Before that, I worked in Guest Safety as an EMT and a Supervisor for 3 years. I love my job. Due to confidentiality, however, I can't give details on my job, so don't expect too much.

My Life Moves: I live in North St. Louis, Missouri. Elayne and I moved here in October, 2005, after living in a house for three years with her parents and older brother. It was very hectic, but it allowed us to save enough to put a nice down payment on this house. I was born in South Carolina and lived there until I was 8. We moved to North Carolina, where I lived until I was 21. I moved to Cincinnati and lived there for about 8 months before moving to St. Louis.

Sports: Living in St. Louis, I'm a Cardinals, Blues, and Rams fan. Because I lived in the Carolinas for most of my life, I still have a soft heart for the Braves. Even though I lived in Cincinnati, I never became a Reds or Bengals fan, nor will I ever become one. I love baseball and hockey. I hate professional basketball and can only watch NCAA basketball during March Madness. Amazingly, in my 21 years of living in the Carolinas, I never became a rabid fan of NASCAR, but I will watch a race occasionally. Football of any type ranks low on the scale as well.

Reading: Back in 1998, I decided that I would read every book that was on the Radcliffe List and the Modern Library List. Both lists were released at the same time and each included 100 fiction books published in the English language and written after 1900. Many books were on both lists, but some were not. In 2002, I was researching the lists and found that Modern Library had taken books from their readers to compile a second list, the Modern Library Readers. I took the books from there and added them to my list as well. My list was complete and my goal is to read them all before I die. Click here to see my progress and to see information on the books.

Poker: I play all types of poker, but mostly Limit Texas Hold'em. I currently play on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker under the name yaw4god_emt. I've been somewhat successful in my short time of playing real-money in both online games and B&M sites. My proudest accomplishment was winning $250 at Circus Circus-Reno in a NL tourney. All information on my poker can be read at: yaw_poker, but it's not updated that often.

Marriage: I've been married to elayne_7 (aka andrewswife) since March, 2002. I love my life with her and wouldn't drop it for anything. No kids yet and none expected anytime soon. Don't expect any posts on our latest argument, as I feel those things are better left between the two of us. Do, however, expect good things about us.
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